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N’aw. :D

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Well this is just the cutest.

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Minnene fra en god tur.

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Shots of the second set we were on. It was a building being torn down, we passed huge piles of rubble when we were brought out there. Very cool, as you can see! One of my favourite memories of the trip is watching one of the scenes being filmed down here with Janove doing some very impressive dance moves and teaching Helge between takes. Really wish I got a video of that!

Shots of the fans! Khahlil, Åshild, Robert, myself, Remi, Anna and Sigbjørn.

Tried to take a sneaky shot when we got to talk to the guys but of course the flash was on >_< SORRY TERJE D:

Some blurry shots of one of the sets for The Accidental Rock Star.

Such a cute interview <3



Terje’s look ;) hahaha

This makes me happy.